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Walks In The Rain [userpic]

My Reading List

March 13th, 2010 (10:22 pm)

Mood I'm Feelin':: impressed
Tunes In My Head:: Christian Kane - The House Rules

This list will probably grow overtime.

1. The Girl Who Could Fly
2. And Another Thing
3. Little Fuzzy
4. City Of Saints And Madmen
5. The Electric Church
6. The Domino Pattern
7. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
8. The Dragons Of Babel
9. The City And The City
10. The People Of Sparks
11. Flora Segunda
12. Flora's Dare
13. Dragonheart
14. Age Of Misrule
15. The Good The Bad And The Uncanny
16. The Good Fairies Of New York
17. The Blade Itself
18. Eureka: Substitution Method
19. The Rats Of NIMH
20. The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X
21. Hatchet
22. The Magician's Nephew
23. The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe
24. The Horse And His Boy
25. Prince Caspian
26. The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader
27. The Silver Chair
28. The Last Battle
29. Heck: Where The Bad kids Go
30. Odyssey
31. Blindsight
32. Sons Of The Oak
33. Bone Thief
34. Pigs Don't Fly
35. Master Of Many Treasures
36. Dragonne's Eg
37. The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocalypse
38. The Toyminator
39. The Unscratchables
40. Dragonheart
41. The Devious Book For Cats
42. Cemetery Dance
43. Alien Crimes
44. A Madness Of Angels
45. The Midnight Mayor
46. Looking For Jake
47. The Looking Glass Wars
48. My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Stand-Up
49. Johannes Cabal The Necromancer
50. The Knife Of Never Letting Go
51. The Ask And The Answer
52. Monsters Of Men
53. A Hard Days Knight
54. Kraken
55. Sandman Slim
56. Kill The Dead
57. Aloha From Hell

(I am only including books I own and have yet to read, not books I want. Otherwise this list would never end.)

Walks In The Rain [userpic]

My Dads Triumph motorcycle

November 18th, 2009 (10:10 pm)
Tunes In My Head:: Steve Carlson - Happy Hour

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Walks In The Rain [userpic]


July 10th, 2009 (08:10 pm)

Mood I'm Feelin':: indescribable

And that is all I can really think to say about Torchwood: Children Of Earth.

Walks In The Rain [userpic]


April 2nd, 2009 (07:11 pm)

Mood I'm Feelin':: amused

In May there's a big subway rally where all the owners and managers and corporate stooges people get together and discuss subway related topics, these topic include but are not limited to a 'Point Of Sales Seminar' a 'Bread Making Seminar' an 'Understanding Your Paperwork Seminar' and even a seminar hosted by none other than Jared, yes Jared himself will be there! coughlamecough As fun as all this sounds the only reason me and my fellow managers agreed to lose hours and go was the promise of the 'Managers Happy Hour' hosted by our always helpful Field Consultants Probably to make up for how much they torture us every month yes my fellows and I shall be getting royally drunk, or at the very least, tipsy with those who know our pain from subways all over the pacific northwest possibly even the country.
There will also be a sandwich making competition which no amount of pressure from my boss will ever get me to enter!

Walks In The Rain [userpic]

People Suck.

February 3rd, 2009 (06:56 pm)

Where I'm At Right Now:: My Bedroom
Mood I'm Feelin':: disappointed
Tunes In My Head:: Pitbull - Toma

I've spent a very long time trying to find some sort of common ground between my Dad and I, something to bond over if you will, we're not that close and he only takes an interest in me if I've done something to piss him off. At the beginning of last summer I found it. Guns. I'm not a gun nut I swear but I have enjoyed building a rifle with him. It was our thing. Until he bought himself a motorcycle to fix up by himself. The time we spent working on my gun dwindled more and more until it was non existent and the gun itself was shoved off to the far side of the basement/workshop to collect dust. Every time I go down there to do my laundry I see my 1/3 finished rifle sitting on top of some old boxes of junk in a darkened corner with his motorcycle as the center attraction. I'm not jealous just disappointed. Yesterday I went down to do my laundry and found that that boxes of junk were gone, my rifle with them. No trace of it anywhere. I went upstairs just in time for my Dad to come through the door talking about some new part he got for his motorcycle. I went to my room, locked the door, and cried. I then put my headphones on and listened to loud angry music, I find that loud angry music takes the hurt away.
My sister calls my a bitch every other time she talks to me, accuses my of trying to steal her children, and feels the urge to drink whenever she's around me.
A girl I work with, whom I consider one of my best friends, lied to me today and got me in trouble with our boss, all so she could go home early and have sex with her boyfriend.
Out of the three I think the Dad thing hurts the worst. I'm done with social interaction if this is what I get from the people who are supposed to care about me. I've got everything I need right here in my room and what I don't have I can order over the internet. With the exception of work (Which will fund my new found shut in lifestyle) I will no long be interacting with people.

Walks In The Rain [userpic]

Name Change

September 28th, 2008 (08:37 pm)

Mood I'm Feelin':: cheerful
Tunes In My Head:: Scissor Sisters - Making Ladies

Some of you may or may not have noticed but I changed my username from chicchai_raion to saddoubloon. The reason for this is a few weeks ago I bought the new Zune 120 and when I went to register it I put my username as MMoody, this was apparently taken and the site gave me a list of alternative variations of MMoody and at the bottom of this list was, for some reason or another, saddoubloon. I decided that I like this name so much that I shall be hence forth known as saddoubloon everywhere.

Anyway, in other news I'm now the manager at the Subway in Hillsdale! It's a small little store but it's mine!

Walks In The Rain [userpic]

Photo Meme

September 17th, 2008 (09:08 pm)

Take a picture of yourself right now. Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture. Post that picture with NO editing. Post these instructions with your picture.


Walks In The Rain [userpic]

(no subject)

September 7th, 2008 (09:34 pm)

Mood I'm Feelin':: giggly
Tunes In My Head:: John Barrowman - Don't Rain On My Parade

Working at Subway for nearly a month now I've learned one really important thing:
Picklejuice is Beetlejuice's retarded cousin.
I've also come to the conclusion that this will forever make me giggle at inappropriate moments.

Walks In The Rain [userpic]

(no subject)

August 12th, 2008 (09:09 am)

Mood I'm Feelin':: anxious

I'VE GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now work at subway and I start in about two hours!

Walks In The Rain [userpic]

Had A Bonding Moment With Deo

July 21st, 2008 (07:36 pm)

Mood I'm Feelin':: cheerful
Tunes In My Head:: John Barrowman

I was just sitting here minding my own business, listening to John Barrowman: Another Side when my I notice that my not cuddly at all rat Deo had seated himself in the corner of his cage closest to the speakers. So I brought him out in the vain hope he would just sit on my lap and behave himself. And he did!! He sat there and let me pet while he kissed my fingers and bruxed away like there was no tomorrow.
After experimenting a little I discovered that he only likes John barrowman and nothing else! When ever a song came up on my playlist that wasn't sung by John barrowman he'd scoot of my lap and make a mess of my desk.
Deo likes John Barrowman and Sam and Baz couldn't care less what kind of music is on!

Edit:Here's one of the pictures I managed to take. I wish I had a better camera.